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 My Whole Collection, Cheap..

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MessageSujet: My Whole Collection, Cheap..   Mer 30 Déc 2009, 14:01

Well the Insurance has screwed me over, after the fire at my house (caused by a short in the microwave having nothing to do with the reptiles) theyve now decided my Reptiles are too much of a liability and unless I get rid of all of them, they will not insure us or find us a new house. This is the worse thing that couldve happened to me...

08 Male Captive Farmed Green Tree Python (Jayapura-Type) 550$
07 Female Captive Born Green Tree Python (Biak-Type) 700$ (pair for 1100$)
08 Male Jungle Jaguar Carpet Python (4ft + long, Ready to Breed, eating machine, my favourite....) 800$
Adult Female ATB Pregnant (and you keep all the babies) - 200$
07 Male Garden Phase ATB - 70$
03 Male Yellow Patterned Atb - 70$
09 WYZ(Rene) Super Red Male ATB - 300$
08 WYZ(Rene) Orange/Yellow/Black Female ATB - 180$
Crested Geckos:
Female Proven Creamsicle(8 babies from her this year) - 150$
Male Blonde Fire - 80$
Female Extreme Harlequin Blonde - 200$
Juveniles (Tiger Dalmatian and Cream Harlequin) 80$
Babies 35$/ch


H.Maculata Female 4" - 50$
H.Mac 1" - 15$
G. Pulchra 3.5" Probable female - 100$
OBT 1" - 10$
King Baboon 2"+ - 70$
Cobalt Blue 4" female - 50$

Thank you...Obviously no trades..
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My Whole Collection, Cheap..
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